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Who are we?


PV Nordic started up with the vision that every individual and every single business should be given the opportunity to enjoy a website, be it as a business card or a fully optimized e-commerce site with unlimited search features.

Our mission is to help you turn that vision into reality. How? Well, by offering you a presence on the web in style, thereby bringing you and your company significant benefits through accelerating marketing campaigns, increased turnover, and possible immediate feedback from your customers.

By keeping costs low and quality high, we can proudly show consistent results. Your website is more than just an online presence. It is a global presentation of your skills, which anyone can access. Sacrificing quality is not an option for you. Our web designers know that there is a difference between a good website and a unique website. A good website is simply not good enough – it must be better than that.

Because of the fact that different projects are based on different visions and thus varying goals, we can offer integrated packages – graphic design, web design and web development, all under one roof. So if you are about to expand your business and understand the enormous potential that the internet provides for those who wish to “attract” rather than just “being”, let us at PV Nordic Design & Communication help you. It doesn’t matter if you need a brand new website or need improvements to an existing one.
-You will not regret it!

Our 5 most popular services


PV Nordic Design & Communication is working with a team of talented designers , graphic artists, web developers and programmers. Because we are a company specializes in creating tailor-made creative websites , you benefit from our experience from different customers and industries varying visions and goals. We have created hundreds of websites for clients with different needs and requirements for their websites . We listen to what you want to accomplish and will help you get there

  • Web Design

  • Mobile Customization

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • E-commerce

  • Graphic Form & Design

Conversations with some of our customers


Some years ago I asked a client to call me the next morning! He called the following afternoon at 3 pm when I was very busy.
Me: “I´m sorry, but I can´t help you right now, can I ca…”
Customer: “But you asked me to call in the morning””
Me: “Yes I did but it is 3 in the afternoon now and I am very busy so we need to setup a new appointment”
Customer: “YOU SAID IN THE MORNING! I just woke up so it´s my morning! You´ve got to help me NOW!”!”

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