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If delivery from Third-party is delayed, and that delivery was necessary to meet customer requirements, that shall not delay customer’s payment obligation.

PV NORDIC AB is committed to protect your privacy. This section describes the type of information collected by PV NORDIC AB on this website and how we use and protect information. This section also describes what to do if you do not wish your information to be stored in connection with visits to our website, and how you can change the information that you have provided. This applies only to personal information on this site. It does not cover advertising, marketing, competition events etc. that we sponsor or in which we are participants on websites owned by third parties.

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If you choose not to disclose your personal information on this site, where ever the need may be, this may lead to a restriction in your access to certain areas on the website.

1) The only information we generally collect and store during normal use of the website are the address (IP address) of the computer from which the page loads, type of browser used, the pages you are reading and the date and time of those data. This information is used to control how the page is used and facilitates updating and development. Such use does not result in identifiable information collected or stored.

2) When you contact us or submit personal information to us, we may store information such as your name, company, industry, postal address, telephone number, email address, and any other information necessary for us to be able to answer your inquiry.

3) Such personal information is not considered confidential. Should you inform us that the information is not be used as a basis for further contact, we will of course respect your request. You can always request a copy of the information, ask us to correct any inaccuracies or stop using such information.

Incidentally, you may rest assured that PV NORDIC AB and affiliates will not collect any personal information when you visit this website, if you have not actively given us your consent thereto.

For Sweden we offer an instant payment through Swish. buys and sells virtual products known as skins. Once a purchase is done the item that you bought will instantly be sent to your account based on the trade url you have added to your personal account on
To use Swish we have partnered with a Swedish company called PV Nordic AB.
Reg. number 556478-1333

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 6,
411 27 Göteborg

We are taking all appropriate steps to protect your personal information. All personally identifiable information are subject to access restrictions in order to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse.

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