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What is Pay-Per-Click advertising?


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a proportional form of payment for Internet advertising, which is popularly used by most “search engines”. The concept is simple. Companies place bids to end up in or as close as possible to the top of search engine results for certain keywords or keyword phrases. Bidding is based on “per click”, meaning that a company pays a set amount every time the search engine passes on a visitor who clicks on the ad. Google, Bing and Yahoo have different versions of PPC. PV Nordic Design & Communications are specialists in PPC advertising and can help you get the best possible position. We use video, image and text advertising.

We are Google AdWords Certified.

About Pay Per Click advertising


  • Benefits of PPC

    Pay per click advertising has some advantages compared to regular SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The implementation is quite fast compared to standard SEO, which can sometimes take several months.

  • Limitations of PPC

    Obviously, there are limits to what can be achieved if we only use this type of advertising. New bids may lower positions relative to other companies and the most common reaction to this is to increase the bid price to regain a previous ranking. This makes constant monitoring a must. That’s where we come in. We monitor your campaigns and optimize them to get your business to flourish while keeping your costs to a minimum

  • Choosing Keywords

    Regardless which form of search engine optimization, keyword research is crucial to success. There are no limits to how many keywords or key phrases you can use in PPC advertising. Usually there is no additional cost to add as many keywords as you like. This makes the selection process of keywords simpler because it is not limited to a fixed number set for keywords to use on a website.

  • Monitoring and Analysis

    As we mentioned earlier, it is important for each PPC campaign to constantly monitor, because the ranking positions can change any day. As the top three Google AdWords results usually appear on most searches, competition for these sites are fierce and bidding wars are very common. In addition to tracking ranking positions, it is important to study the relevance of each keyword and phrase on a monthly basis. Analysis of click rates and visiting habits provide valuable clues for the optimization of your campaign. All this in order to streamline your PPC campaign and get more traffic per keyword.

  • Conclusion

    PPC campaigns can bring a large number of targeted visitors to your website, but require constant monitoring and optimization.

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